004, JUMPING JUMPER 98% organic, 98€ + shipping cost. SOLD OUT

This series of JUMPING JUMPERS is inspired by my beloved Crochetista Enmascarado (who taught me how to do a perfect crochet piece), by London vibrating youngsters scene, and by Murcian Crochet garbanzos socks! (that is the perfect mix of the previous inspirations).

This collection is made of four unique pieces, all sawed by piss2mil. Three of the J-p-J-p contain loads of crochet work made by piss2mil.

All pieces are developed as a collage of different vintage mohair wool knitted by amazing English women + 98% with organic materials, silk! (I bought in Thailand), merino wool (I bought in Lanas Sixto), mohair (I bought in Lanas Sixto too), cotton (I bought in Bogotá) and love...........

...... just for you.

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