hand painted drawing with ink over tracing paper, 29.7x21cm. 350€ shipping cost included

This is the hand drawing I did as a background for the 2017 Bartlett Short Courses certificate. In it I'm describing all the things I've been able to develop in my professional career as a result of my Architectural Studies ;)))) so you can see:

1- my first Castle ;) I started working for Izaskun Chinchilla when I was #23 to develop the Castillo de Garcimuñoz media-library inside a medieval and renaissance castle... represented in the drawing with an exhibition-display-case and umbrella to celebrate it here.

2- my first Catshow as a result of the commission received by @pdrolobo to create a series of fascinators inspired by nature. So I've represented the grasshopper and mantis I designed in their developed shape before pleating.

3- my very first children toy I've made to celebrate the beauty of 'themosthandsomemanever' which end up being my most successful design to date! ;)

4- my very first robot! Made 98% pure cardboard, design together with casaleganitos, and fabricated thanks to the knowledge and support of cartonLAB + Tom Svilans . Here you can see some unfolded trusses before becoming pure iron!

5- my very first pregnant marionette I designed to allow people find different #women role models to play with... forgetting about sexiness and embracing reality and true beauty. You can see some hands and faces..

6- my very first porcelain project that you can see here with some leaves reproduced. They will be part of an incredible sound performing jacket coming next!

7- my very first clay design! The i_clayer! phone amplifier that has been sold all over the world (apart from Australia! ;(

8- and my very first reflective project, the jjjacket! screen-printed by holaporque and sewed by Anka!

9- and last!! The very first series of ornamental combs celebrating the people and experiences that forge the way I see the world since early ages.

If you need it to be HAPPY! please say it ;)

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